Q. What is the minimum and maximum weight I can send?

A. Minimum weight limit is 20kg and there is no maximum limit (send as much as you want).

Q. How long does it take to reach Pakistan & Azad Kashmir?

A. Our service is sea fright service and therefore it takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks to reach Pakistan and Azad Kashmir.

Q. Where will you deliver in Pakistan & Azad Kashmir?

A. We offer door to door service and therefore we shall deliver the parcels at your door step in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir.

Q. Do you deliver anywhere in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir?

A. Our network is distributed across Pakistan & Azad Kashmir enabling us to deliver anywhere in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir.

Q. Will you provide a bag/box in which my stuff will go?

A. Yes, our collection team will provide you and also seal the bag/box in front of you.

Q. How do you weigh the parcel?

A. Our collection team carries weighing scales. Team will check weight before issuing the invoice

Q. How much will it cost me, if I send less than 20kg?

A. We will charge you the same price, as we do for 20kg.

Q. Can I send electronic goods?

A. Yes you can but the prices will vary (contact us for more information).

Q. When do I provide the delivery address?

A. This should be done when our collection team arrives to pick up your parcel.

Q. Can I also bring stuff from Pakistan & Azad Kashmir to the UK?

A. Yes, our Pakistan office offers this service. For more information please contact us.

Q. Is this service by air or sea?

A. This service is by sea.